*The Perimeter Defense System (PDS) is being designed by SKS group to op-erate in real time and to access inputs in continuum from different sensors placed in myriad strategic locations around the perimeter walls of small and large properties or borders. Trends indicate that as technology becomes more rampant and cost effective, as is inevitable and already discernable, there will be less reliance on security guards and more on electronic surveillance. * SKS GROUP System Analysts Risk Management Consultancy: Our company is the Principal Risk management Consultant for Trust Middle East Oil company Products, Safety & Security Systems SKS specializes in security and crisis management planning and prevention    Clientele Security Effectiveness & Enhanced System Preparations: How can security professionals stay on top of the latest security issues? This comprehensive and technical foundation and prevention of threats will be made transparent to customers after a though rough site survey. now, we have been gaining an understanding of major trends in multiple modes of security concerns. Whether stationary or mobile, threats are lurking. Transportation security threat prevention must cover all rail, sea, air, land and ports. Preparation, planning, mitigation, detection, response, and recovery will all be part of the overall security consultancy that is provided to our clients. Clients will have an appreciation of inter-modal security issues as well as strategies and the knowledge they need to secure their environment in areas of responsibility Prospects:The complex threats facing today's security manager require a solid understanding of strategy. The Security Issues of today has inspired SKS to produce better security measures for Governments, Military and Business Leaders . Some of the ideas that we have for the security mangers to consider as follows: ∗ Understanding the environment and its needs. ∗ Understanding your capabilities/limitations. ∗ Understanding your adversaries' capabilities/limitations. ∗ Developing effective organizational structures. ∗ Leading people. ∗ When to engage in conflict. ∗ How to engage in conflict. ∗ Making adaptations/contingency plans. ∗ Intelligence gathering/analysis. ∗ Learning from mistakes. ∗ Use of recent and past experience globally.  


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Each year is fire is responsible for money loss and damage, not to mention the often-sad loss of life, which can have devastating effects on families and business
There for, it is very important to install fire alarm systems, whatever your requirements conventional systems or Multi-loop addressable systems, it is very important what is the suitable. What is compliance with requirement during installation and for ongoing maintenance? SKS group achieve that


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Addressable Panels


Our fire control panel is an intelligent fire alarm control panel. it has designed and is constructed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology , this simple approach has produced a modular , scaleable fire alarm platform suitable for protecting all types of premises , its future is Multi-protocol modular concept simple robust design intuitive to use easy to maintain easy to expand easy to install easy to network easy to configure

Analogue Addressable Control Panel

A range of analogue addressable fire alarm control panels provides an economic yet scalable solution for small to medium sized fire detection systems.
Analogue Addressable Control Panel is a versatile range of open protocol fire alarm control panels, compatible. It is Available with one or two detection loops capable of hosting up to 126 devices (Apollo), 240 devices (Argus Vega) or 127 devices (HOCHIKI). Analogue Addressable Control Panel uses leading edge microprocessor based electronics to provide a flexible control system with high reliability and integrity. It is Suitable for all small to medium sized fire detection systems, Analogue Addressable control panels can be expanded and networked to become part of much larger systems if the need arises, therefore providing a future proof solution for any installation. With its large graphical display and ergonomic button and indicator layout, Analogue Addressable Control Panel, control panel is simple and straightforward to understand for installers, commissioning engineers and end users alike.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel  

Conventional fire alarm system is, often the natural choice for smaller applications or where budget constraints exist. Conventional fire alarm system is cost-effective and adaptable to a variety of applications, big or small making it one of the most flexible products on the market.
Unmatched in the industry, for sheer versatility and ease of installation, this single-hazard control system boasts incredible power and can be easily configured for use within a wide range of industries. Built for complete building/facility fire alarm protection, Conventional FIRE Alarm System  can be used for fire sprinkler, sprinkler pre-action deluge and most conventional fire alarm applications.


It has a wide range of detectors, manual call points and other loop units to suit different needs and conditions. It includes analogue detectors for smoke, heat and flame detection, as well as different casing designs for different safety class and environmental requirements. The systems also include dual function detectors with combined smoke and heat detection, also offering the possibility to integrate local buzzer.


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