*The Perimeter Defense System (PDS) is being designed by SKS group to op-erate in real time and to access inputs in continuum from different sensors placed in myriad strategic locations around the perimeter walls of small and large properties or borders. Trends indicate that as technology becomes more rampant and cost effective, as is inevitable and already discernable, there will be less reliance on security guards and more on electronic surveillance. * SKS GROUP System Analysts Risk Management Consultancy: Our company is the Principal Risk management Consultant for Trust Middle East Oil company Products, Safety & Security Systems SKS specializes in security and crisis management planning and prevention    Clientele Security Effectiveness & Enhanced System Preparations: How can security professionals stay on top of the latest security issues? This comprehensive and technical foundation and prevention of threats will be made transparent to customers after a though rough site survey. now, we have been gaining an understanding of major trends in multiple modes of security concerns. Whether stationary or mobile, threats are lurking. Transportation security threat prevention must cover all rail, sea, air, land and ports. Preparation, planning, mitigation, detection, response, and recovery will all be part of the overall security consultancy that is provided to our clients. Clients will have an appreciation of inter-modal security issues as well as strategies and the knowledge they need to secure their environment in areas of responsibility Prospects:The complex threats facing today's security manager require a solid understanding of strategy. The Security Issues of today has inspired SKS to produce better security measures for Governments, Military and Business Leaders . Some of the ideas that we have for the security mangers to consider as follows: ∗ Understanding the environment and its needs. ∗ Understanding your capabilities/limitations. ∗ Understanding your adversaries' capabilities/limitations. ∗ Developing effective organizational structures. ∗ Leading people. ∗ When to engage in conflict. ∗ How to engage in conflict. ∗ Making adaptations/contingency plans. ∗ Intelligence gathering/analysis. ∗ Learning from mistakes. ∗ Use of recent and past experience globally.  


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Secure your Environment

SKS was established in 1980 for services of engineering construction ,specialized Oil sector, Today this division has evolved
to include in services, a large range of Security & Safety products that have been requested and delivered to goverment
and privet sectors

SKS Group for safety security Products specializes in physical and perimeter security.
We are able to provide a comprehensive range of products, which provide effective a full range of High Security Products, and safety systems all of which are supported by a skilled Installation and Maintenance capability.
SKS Group for safety security has products for a wide range of Security and safety Applications:

  • Car Parking

  • Personnel Access Control

  • Vehicle Lane Control in Cities

  • Commercial and Industrial Properties

  • Schools

  • Offices

  • Banking

  • Airports and Ports

  • Military

  • Police Forces

    SKS Group for safety security is able, to provide a wide range of products, to differing specifications depending upon the requirements of the client, from General Purpose applications through to High Security installations.
    SKS Group for safety security Staff is available to discuss suitable solutions with potential clients. Whether the need is for a discreet but effective system, or a high visibility deterrent system, our staffs are available to discuss the options in detail, so that both specification and budget requirements are met.
    SKS Group gives you a solution to integrate the various electronic fire and security system in one centrally monitored and controlled package.
    Such integration has many benefits including the lowering of cost and simplification of common operating methods. to be truly effective however an integration solution must be carefully planed designed installed and maintained SKS Group have all the necessary experience and expertise to implement a fully integrated solution
    The wide range of products available means that SKS will have the right products to provide your solution.
    Support and Maintenance All SKS products are supported by an experienced Installation, Maintenance and Repair capability.

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